Programme director

Professor Alan Walker was responsible for developing the Growing Older programme with staff of the ESRC.

Alan was director of the Growing Older Programme, the National Collaboration on Ageing Research (NCAR) and the European Forum on Population Ageing Research (FORUM).

Alan Walker is a specialist in social gerontology and social policy, especially European social policy. He has been researching and writing in this field for nearly 30 years.

Alan Walker's Sheffield University staff page.

Programme officer

Dr Shabnam Khan was the ESRC Programme Officer for the Growing Older research programme.

Shabnam holds a PhD in applied social psychology. Other research interests include developmental, clinical and cross-cultural psychology. However, project management has always interested her and she has participated in and run a number of courses to facilitate team processes.

For the Growing Older programme, Shabnam was the main link between the Programme and the ESRC Office. Primary responsibilities include liaising with the Director and Project award holders, providing advice with regards to ESRC policy and practice, processing and making any amendments to awards, and helping to monitor the progress of the Programme.

Advisory board


  • Professor Anthea Tinker, Age Concern Institute of Gerontology, King's College London (Chair).

  • Mr Allan Bowman, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

  • Dr Gillian Crosby, Centre for Policy on Ageing.

  • Professor Leela Damordaran, Loughborough University.

  • Dr Arthur Fleiss, Department for Work and Pensions.

  • Ms Tessa Harding, Help the Aged.

  • Mr Tom Hoyes, Age Concern.

  • Professor Paul Johnson, London School of Economics.

  • Dr Carol Lupton, Department of Health.

  • Professor Robin Means, University of West of England, Bristol.

  • Mr Terry Philpot.

  • Mr Martin Shreeve.

  • Professor Tony Warnes, Centre for Ageing and Rehabilitation Studies, University of Sheffield.